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Dae Ha Holo PU introduces a trendy variation to conventional PU HTV, highlighting a unique holographic effect displayed on intricate patterns.

It brings a fantastic burst of color to your design. Holo PU produces an enchanting play of colors that gracefully shift as the garment moves or when viewed from different angles.

With its smooth surface and precise cut lines, working with this HTV becomes effortless, making cutting and weeding a breeze. The adhesive PET liner makes it possible to create intricate designs that were once difficult to achieve.

Experience a world of luxurious and extravagant designs with the captivating possibilities of Dae Ha Holo PU!

Color:HPU-101 White Triangle


  • Shiny holographic effect with marvelous patterns.
  • Color variation in different angles or movement of the garment.
  • Semi glossy hotmelt enables to see plotter cut lines easily.
  • Super easy to cut and weed with adhesive PET liner.
  • Cut the finest of details.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Black and White Colors are available.


▶ Cutting Conditions
  • Plotter Machine: GCC Jaguar IV / Mimaki CJV150 75
  • Cutting Direction: Reverse
  • Force: 90gfs
  • Speed: 15cm/s
  • Blade: 45˚
▶ Heat Transfer Conditions
  • Heat press Temperature: 140°C~150°C / 284°F~302°F
  • Time: 8~10 seconds
  • Pressure: Medium
  • Peel: Cold

NB: We highly recommend performing a test before proceeding with standard production.


  • Standard roll size: 500mm(W)​ x 50M(L) / roll
  • Packing: 1roll per box
  • Box size: 153mm x 158mm x 524mm​
  • Gross weight: approx. 7.54kg / roll
  • Other dimensions or special packings are available on request.


  • 100% Cotton or 100% Polyester
  • Mixtures of polyester/cotton
  • Acrylic and similar fabrics
  • Not suitable for Nylon or Coated Fabrics