Why Choose Dae Ha DTF Film & FOIL DTF?

Why Choose Dae Ha DTF Film & FOIL DTF?

Specialised Coating Technology
Dae Ha DTF Film has been developed with advanced coating technology through a 12-month development program. Our development program has led to the creation of the highest and consistently reliable DTF film on offer.

Instant Hot Peel
Dae Ha DTF Film offers added convenience and efficiency in the printing process, with instant hot peel properties. This feature allows for immediate removal of the PET film after heat pressing, enabling a faster production process.

Consistent Quality Assurance
Dae Ha emphasises consistent and stable quality. This commitment to quality ensures that customers can rely on Dae Ha DTF Film for uniform printing results, roll after roll, minimising waste and optimising productivity.

Oeko-Tex & Patented Foil
Dae Ha DTF Film is the first DTF film in the industry to receive Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. It ensures that Dae Ha DTF Film is safe to use with no harmful chemicals. Our new DTF Foil comes with patented coating technology.

Recycled Blended Polyester
The use of certified recycled blended polyester in Dae Ha DTF Film,  demonstrates our commitment to greater sustainability and environmental responsibility, making it particularly appealing to eco-conscious customers.

Made in Korea
Manufactured 100% in Korea, Dae Ha DTF Film benefits from the reputation of Korean manufacturing, known for its high standards, advanced coating technologies, and precision production facilities.